Yarn Friends: Cloud9 Filo

Yarn Friends: Cloud9 Filo

The moment Cloud9 Fibers’ Filo arrived at Gather DTLA, I knew I had to cast on Purl Soho’s Colorblock Bias Blanket. This fingering weight yarn (80% Wool, 20% Silk) comes in a dozen extremely wearable shades; if you love combining colors and creating palettes, this yarn will keep your imagination fired up for quite some time (and is available in Gather's online shop as well as in store).


Cloud9 Fibers is the latest endeavor from Cloud9 Fabrics, a name that is more familiar to quilters than knit and crocheters. They are are clearly bringing the same bright, modern, clean and fresh aesthetic to their new yarns as they do with their fun fabrics, with an added emphasis on ethical and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing. Filo is one of three yarns they’ve launched and I look forward to seeing this line grow and hearing what others have to say!                            


I, personally, am having a great time with Filo. I’m combining Begonia, Radiant, Silver Birch, Misty, Oiled Indigo and Amber Waves and knitting up on a size US 3. The yarn is easy to work with and is knitting up with a lovely halo. It has a nice bit of drape which I suspect will increase with washing/ blocking or going up a needle size or so. The silk content gives the work a subtle luster to make your project feel that much more special.


It’s official! I’m a fan and I look forward to spending time with my new yarn friend, Filo.


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