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Intro to Crochet

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Article number: Intro to Crochet-Dec 21st-Thurs 6:30pm
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Our goal is to help you learn.  Our intros give you a solid foundation in the fibre arts.  Knitting, crochet and spinning are taught by our expert Yarnistas and we only use the best consciously-sourced tools and materials.  We promise to be by your side as you navigate through these early stages.  We encourage you to drop by for 'touch-ups' and join us for the Sunday Social. We promise to take you from zero to 'I need more yarn in my stash' in less than three hours.


-1 skein of worsted weight yarn

-Crochet hook, appropriate in size for your yarn and gauge (we recommend Hook size "I")


- Chain stitch

- Single crochet

- Half double crochet

- Double crochet

- Choosing your yarn

- Choosing your pattern

- Tools & tips

- Optional edge motif


This class will take you from zero to crocheter in three hours.  You will learn how to make a chain stitch, how to begin your work and how to neatly finish it off.  You can choose make a wash cloth or a simple full length scarf, and if you feel more confident, we'll show you how to make a decorative shell motif to finish off your edges.  We will talk about the types of yarn and how to choose them, as well as how to pick out your patterns.  Finally, we'll show you some tools and give you tips on where to use them as you begin your adventures with yarn.

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